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Hannah Eline wrote music all through her twenties, during early motherhood and marriage, through personal crisis and growth. Her first singel "Addictions" is in every sense a statement of her own awakening - with more than 2000 streams on the release date, her career as an independent artist was kickstarted. The single "Make me stay" (2021) made it to major Norwegian news playlistst (Tidal and NPS) and press.

Hannah Eline conveys her message in a way that you´ll feel her experiences run through your own body. Inspired by songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Gabrielle and Coldplay, Hannah Eline takes you on a personal journey through young motherhood and marriage, the conflict between huge responsibilities and the need for freedom and finding your own identity. For this, Hannah Eline has worked with musicians engaged in the Norwegian pop/americana scene, with Konrad Lunde (Eva Weel Skram) and Christian Sæland (Alida) as her main creative partners. Her musical sound varies between pop, folk and indie.

Hannah traces her roots to the Telemark altitudes of Norway, where she lives with her husband and three young children.

Foto: Elisabeth Haig Jacobsen

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